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Welcome to the Token Engineering (TE) wiki & community! Please join in and contribute:) Simply sign up then click 'edit' on the bottom:)

The Challenge

Creating tokenized ecosystems is hard. How do we figure out what we want? How do we manifest that intent with block rewards and other crypto building blocks? How do we simulate and validate the design? How do we anticipate attacks and respond to them? How do we update the protocols? Given that these systems are wildly powerful, how can we better take responsibility for their design & deployment?


We'd love to see token ecosystem design become an engineering discipline: Token Engineering (TE). This implies a body of theory, practice, tools and a sense of responsibility. We aim to do this collectively as a community in a decentralized, permissionless, open-source fashion that all can contribute to and all can use.

Engineering is about building things that work; science is about contributing new knowledge. They're complementary. Therefore token engineering is complementary to the science of cryptoeconomics / token economics.

This wiki's goal is to foster a community that grows a knowledge base around TE. It's inspired by the C2 wiki of the mid-90s which had a large impact on software engineering & patterns. Consider all content here to be WIP:) This wiki also links to meatspace events.

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