Tools : Simulation, Verification, Design

Tools for Simulation & Verification

  • Simulation of a token economy - Open source agent-based simulation of reward tokens as incentives in a DAO
  • Incentivai – test smart contract mechanism design via simulation using AI agents
  • Related: there's lots of work on formal verification of smart contracts. That covers straightforward logic but doesn't measure dynamics of tokenized systems, which is what a token simulator could do.
  • Related: circuit simulators like SPICE which simulate dynamical systems
  • Related: dynamical systems simulators in other fields
  • Related: agent-based simulators in other fields
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Simulation cases

Tools for Design

  • Related: computer-aided design (CAD) tools in other fields. E.g. in the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) industry for chip design.
  • Token Engineering Canvas - designing early patterns by simulation and testing
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Other Related Projects

  • BlockScience – a technology research and analytics firm specializing in the design and evaluation of decentralized economic systems
  • Policy Design Lab - «FIXME: what is this»
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